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WP is internationally recognized as an expert in molding Ryton® (PPS). With decades of experience in insert-molding Ryton and other engineering resins, we serve a wide variety of industries that have rigid and exact requirements. Although PPS is a widely used plastic compound, it must be carefully post-processed in order to achieve its advertised properties.

Ryton® (PPS) offers a cost/performance balance unmatched by any other engineering thermoplastic. When blended with glass fibers or other fillers, PPS produces parts having a unique combination of properties including:

  • Dimensional stability over wide range of temperatures due to its minimal moisture absorption and very low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Exceptionally high modulus and creep resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to a wide variety of aggressive chemical environments
  • Tight tolerance moldability with high reproducibility
  • Inherent non-flammability to a UL94 V-0 rating without flame retardant additives
  • Dielectric and insulating properties stable over a wide range of conditions

These characteristics makes Ryton® the material of choice for a wide variety of applications including:

Electrical / Electronic Components
• High temperature circuit breakers, relay housings, connectors, bobbins, coil encapsulation

• Reflector housing, socket bases, ballast components

Heat Exchangers
• Flue collectors, flue covers, flow meter housings, transition pipe

Water Management
• Hot water valves, mixer cartridges, hot water manifolds

Relays/Switches/Circuit Breakers
• High temperature housings, insulating components, wiring devices, and micro-switches

Engine Components
• Engine mounts, seal housings, gasket carriers, camshafts, component housings, oil pumps, throttle body, deactivator, heat shield, electronic throttle control

Let us help you with your next plastic injection molding project where PPS, insert-molding or a combination of both is required.

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